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Qualification Process

Sponsor Qualifications

At the time of certification and renewal, the sponsor must meet the following standards:

Personal Qualification

The sponsor, and every substitute provider, shall be at least 18 years of age and shall be physically, emotionally, and mentally capable of providing adult family home care. The sponsor and all substitute providers shall be persons who are responsible, mature, and of reputable character, who exercise sound judgment and display the capacity to successfully care for people with disabilities or frail elderly.

Caregiver Background Check

Prior to issuing a certificate and every 4 years thereafter, a caregiver background check is conducted on the applicant and all household members age 18 and older.

Financial Security

The sponsor may be requested to present evidence of having or having access to sufficient financial reserves to meet the needs of all residents and of all members of the household for whom the sponsor is financially responsible and to ensure the adequate functioning of the home for a period of at least 30 days without receiving payment for the care of any resident.

Physical Exam

The applicant for initial certification and all members of the household shall submit a statement from a physician, physician's assistant or nurse practitioner certifying that a physical examination was completed and that the applicant or any household member does not have an illness or condition that would threaten the health, safety or welfare of residents or interfere with the person's capacity to provide care. The statement may not be dated more than one (1) year prior to the date of the application.

Communicable Disease Control

The sponsor shall obtain documentation from a physician, physician's assistant, a clinical nurse practitioner, or a licensed registered nurse indicating that the sponsor and any adult household member have been screened for clinically apparent communicable diseases and tuberculosis (TB). The statement may not be dated more than 90 days prior to the date of the application. Screening for communicable diseases should be conducted using the Center for Disease Control standards. Any juvenile household member with symptoms of a communicable disease that presents a safety or health risk may not be in contact with the resident. The certifying agency may require a screen for communicable diseases for any juvenile household member.

Other Health Exams

If at any time, the certifying agency suspects or has reason to believe that the applicant, sponsor, substitute provider or other household member has been exposed to a potentially dangerous disease or infection, or may pose a threat to the health, safety or welfare of residents, the certifying agency may require a physical exam, a screen for communicable disease, including TB, an alcohol or drug abuse assessment or a mental health evaluation of the person.

Driver's License & Vehicle Liability Insurance

An applicant or sponsor who plans to transport residents in his or her vehicle shall have a valid driver's license and shall provide the certifying agency with documentation of liability insurance coverage. If a substitute provider or household member transports residents under the direction of the sponsor, the substitute provider or household member shall have vehicle insurance and a valid driver's license.

Home Liability Protection

An applicant or sponsor shall provide the certifying agency with documentation of sufficient insurance coverage to provide liability protection.


There are certain requirements for training that need to be met during the first three months of certification and on an ongoing basis.

Home Qualification

There are a number of physical requirements that must be met in order for a home to be certified.

For further information on the requirements, please refer to the State Web Site.