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Boilerplate Contracts

The current boilerplate contracts are available in Adobe Acrobat which requires the free, downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader. The contracts include information on civil rights compliance, affirmative action, Americans with Disability Act, confidentiality, client grievance, insurance, fiscal, reporting, and other requirements.

Standard Purchase of Service Contract

This is the standard boilerplate contract for all other services provided through the Department. 

Comprehensive Community Services

This is the boilerplate contract for agencies providing a flexible array of individualized community-based psychosocial rehabilitation services authorized by a licensed mental health professional under HFS 36.15 and provided to consumers with mental health or substance use issues across the lifespan who qualify based on the level of need. The intent of the services and supports is to provide for a maximum reduction of the effects of the individual's mental and substance abuse disorders and the restoration of a consumer to the highest possible level of functioning and to facilitate their recovery and resilience.

CCS Staff Listing Form

Third-Party Administrator

This is the boilerplate contract for programs for which the State makes payments directly to service providers. The county is still required to contract for services, but the standard boilerplate is modified to accommodate the different sources of payment.

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Substitute Care

This is the boilerplate contract for residential care centers (RCC), treatment foster care providers, and group home providers.

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Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF) and Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCAC)

This is the boilerplate contract for community-based residential facilities and residential care apartment complexes.

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