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The Dane County Department of Human Services and Journey Mental Health Center hold joint certification for Dane County's DHS 34 Emergency Mental Health Service Program. A variety of programs offered by different agencies operate under the umbrella of this certification. These programs provide crisis hotline, mobile response, residential stabilization, and crisis case management services. Together they comprise a continuum of crisis care we call the Dane Crisis Provider Network, or DCPN.

DCPN agencies may bill for crisis services provided to Medicaid recipients as allowed through the Forward Health Crisis Intervention benefit. While Journey Mental Health Center provides clinical oversight of all crisis activities, Dane County Department of Human Services oversees administrative requirements and manages Medicaid billing for contracted crisis providers.

DCPN Handbook

The handbook provides an overview of the DCPN and offers guidance for DCPN members regarding the provision of crisis services, requirements for staff members who deliver crisis services, and billing.

Dane Crisis Provider Network DHS 34 and Medicaid Billing Handbook

Crisis Billing Portal

DCPN providers use the Dane County Human Services Billing Portal to submit claims. Dane County-issued log-in credentials must be entered to access the portal. Contact with questions related to portal use, log-in issues, claim submission issues, or other technical problems. This email address can also be used to request log-in credentials for currently rostered staff members who need access to the portal. Portal access for new staff members may be requested during the rostering process.

Billing Portal access

Billing Portal instruction guide

Billing Portal walk-through video

DCPN Staff Rostering

To roster a new staff member as a crisis provider with an agency, a representative of the agency must fill out a web-based form created by DCDHS. Agencies must inform DCDHS of changes to the status of any of their rostered service providers within two (2) business days by emailing

Web Form to Roster New Staff

DCDHS Crisis Billing Roster Form Instructions

DCPN Template Documents

Once a staff member is rostered to provide crisis services, further documentation is periodically required to demonstrate ongoing compliance with DHS 34. All documentation required after the initial roster form is completed should be sent to according to the schedule described in the Dane Crisis Provider Network DHS 34 and Medicaid Billing Handbook. The following documents are recommended for use in documenting rostering requirements:

DCPN Orientation Training Log

DCPN Ongoing (Annual) Training Log

DCPN Clinical Supervision Log

Residential Stabilization Resources

Additional resources for Residential Stabilization providers can be found below:

Wis. Admin. Code DHS 82: Certified Adult Family Homes

Wis. Admin. Code DHS 88: Licensed Adult Family Homes

Wis. Admin Code DHS 83: Community-Based Residential Facilities

Wisconsin DHS Residential and Community-Based Care Licensing and Certification

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